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I’m a visual learner. I can retain something so much easier if I both see and hear it vs. just hear it. Or read it. That’s why I have a Vlog vs. just a blog. Each Vlog offers a specific and tactical tip you can implement to help with your video habits, mindset, creation and more. Plus, they’re fun and informative — it’s possible, I promise! Take a look, and a listen, and let me know what you learn.

Where To Place Yourself In The Frame

Where To Place Yourself In The Frame

Positioning Yourself on camera, isn't just about the aesthetics of the shot. Well it is.. sort of. But it's aesthetics with a purpose. It's using your framing to convey authority, and confer credibility. And knowing what you want to do with your video after it's shot, aka- post production (ie- do...

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