Unlock your business's media potential with a free download of the P.I.T.C.H. Perfect Framework—the strategy used to land a spot on the Today Show!


60 Minute Confident On Camera Work Session

The ability to present yourself confidently on camera is essential for both personal and professional success. Whether you’re delivering presentations, participating in virtual meetings, or creating content for your online platform, mastering the art of on-camera presence can open doors to endless opportunities.

90 Minute Confident On Camera Work Session

In this tailored session, we’ll focus on refining your on-screen presence, empowering you to exude confidence and effortlessly captivate your audience. From mastering body language to perfecting vocal delivery, each minute is dedicated to shaping a dynamic on-camera persona that commands attention.

VIP Days (6 hours)

Step into the spotlight with our VIP 6-hour immersion—an exclusive experience designed to transform your on-camera skills. 

Throughout this extended session, we’ll focus on improving your on-screen presence, helping you unleash your natural charm and speak with confidence. From mastering body language to refining your voice, every moment is dedicated to creating a captivating on-camera persona.

The Pitch

Introducing “The Pitch” eBook – your ultimate guide to mastering the art of media outreach and securing invaluable exposure.

You’ll gain access to indispensable tools and strategies that promise to elevate your brand’s media presence and drive meaningful engagement. 

The Studio Experience

Prepare to unlock the secrets of television success like never before!

This guide delivers tailored strategies for mastering TV and media with confidence and finesse, ensuring your success in the spotlight.

The Camera Confidence Kickstart

Take control of your on-camera presence and amplify your impact across media platforms with our comprehensive guide. Elevate your performance in live TV, recorded messages, webinars, and social media. Master the art of on-camera presence and unleash your full potential!

Before you call action, make sure you’re camera ready with every tool you need to bring your best self to the screen. The VIQ Gear Starter Bundle features the equipment that the pros prefer in order to elevate their onscreen presence and leave a lasting impression. Empower your efforts and reach your audience with the confidence that you’re equipped with the right gear to broadcast your message and make a connection. 

Level up your on-camera performance!

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