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Avoiding the “Uns”

Want my secret to recording good video? Unlock my five “Uns” that get in the way.

Virtual speaker series: The VIQ Project Live

Expert interviews from speakers who share how they tapped into their VIQ.

The VIQ Shot Checklist

Set up your shot with this handy checklist.

The VIQ Masterclass

Start leveraging the epic power of video to bring your boldest, best self to your audience.


VIQ: Digital Body Language for Your Sales Teams

Find out how to use your body to enhance your message.

VIQ: The Studio Experience (ebook)

What to expect when you have an in-studio TV media appearance.

VIQ: The Media Pitch (ebook)

Knock that pitch out of the park with these tips.

The VIQ Gear Starter Bundle

Everything you need to start shooting.

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The VIQ ProjectWait... Before You Go!

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