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Public Speaking

Elevate Your Voice with Masterful Public Speaking – Give Your Brand the Resonance it Deserves

In our digital age of endless distractions and competing voices, it can be difficult to elevate your voice, connect with your audience and leave a lasting impression. 

Whether you’re an aspiring speaker or a seasoned professional, my personalized public speaking coaching will help you hone your skills and elevate your brand.

Hi, I’m Kerry! 

As someone who suffered from a debilitating fear of public speaking, it amazes people (myself included!) to know that I built a two-decade Emmy Award-winning career on camera. A television news anchor and host, I put myself in front of the cutthroat NYC media market on a regular basis and not only survived, but thrived. Now, I advise Fortune 100 companies on how to conquer the camera and step into their on-screen persona with confidence. 

And that all starts with public speaking!

I offer a variety of public speaking services that can be easily tailored to your specific needs and professional goals…

Kerry Barrett: A blond woman with large curled hair, shoulder length, smiling at the camera. She has blue eyes and is wearing a green shirt and blazer.

Tailored one-on-one sessions focusing on your unique strengths and areas for improvement. Perfect for personalized attention and specific goal achievement.

Interactive and dynamic workshops designed to nurture speaking skills in a collaborative environment. Ideal for teams and organizations.

Access a wealth of online materials including videos, exercises, and tips to enhance your learning experience, available 24/7.

Kerry worked with our group on ways to improve our on camera effectiveness during virtual meetings and training sessions. In only one hour, we received some great tips and suggestions that we were never aware of previously. Kerry provides feedback in such a constructive and positive way that it was well received by our team. I would highly recommend her to work with your teams also!”

— Leiza Brock, GE Corporate Learning Leader

Our team had the opportunity to complete both group and individual training with Kerry, through which she shared some great tips and tricks to elevate our on-camera presence. From the basics of setting up a good shot for yourself, to leveraging visual aids and how to break bad habits – she covered a broad variety of topics, and also provided 1:1 suggestions in response to our individual needs and challenges. Her approach included individual critiques of videos of ourselves, truly making this training unique to each of us. Would definitely recommend.”

— Kelly Atkinson, Amerilife SR VP of Distributions Operations

If the thought of public speaking terrifies you, remember, I’ve been there. I completely understand and empathize with the nerves or near paralysis that can take over your body at the thought of taking the floor (or mic) and speaking in front of others. Because I’ve been there, I know how to help you get past the fear and embrace your best public speaking self. 

With my coaching, you can expect to realize the following benefits:

  • Build confidence: Overcome anxiety and build self-assurance to speak in any setting.
  • Enhance persuasion skills: Learn to persuade and influence your audience effectively.
  • Sharpen your storytelling: compelling stories: Master the art of storytelling to engage and inspire listeners.
  • Expedite professional growth: Elevate your professional presence and open new opportunities.

Ready to perfect your public speaking skills?