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Media Training

Make Media Engagement Work for You – Boost Your Brand and ROI with Expert Coaching

There’s no escaping the influence and impact of the media in our lives, which is why media training is increasingly becoming a critical component of successful marketing strategies.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, a corporate leader, or a public figure, my tailored media training coaching will empower you to communicate your message effectively, control your story, and enhance your brand presence for stronger connections and increased ROI.

Hi, I’m Kerry! 

If you’re looking for someone who knows the media landscape like the back of her hand, you’ve found her. I spent more than 20 years under the scrutiny of the media while working as an Emmy Award-winning television news anchor and host. Now, as an advisor to Fortune 100 companies, individuals, and brands of all sizes, I know how to manage media interactions and I’ve got the proven tools to help you do the same. 

Kerry Barrett: A blond woman with large curled hair, shoulder length, smiling at the camera. She has blue eyes and is wearing a green shirt and blazer.

Media Training Services

One-On-One Coaching

Personalized sessions designed to refine your media handling skills, message delivery, and on-camera presence.

Corporate Workshops

Group training tailored for corporate teams, focusing on cohesive brand messaging and media strategy development.

Kerry Barrett at a speaking engagement event holding a microphone and smiling. She is wearing a teal dress.
Kerry Barrett wearing a jean jacket and smiling subtly, while holding her hands together in a heart shape.

Crisis Management Training

Learn to navigate challenging media situations with poise and maintain your brand integrity under pressure.

Kerry has helped so many members of our team perform at a higher level on screen. Her training for our newsroom was well received and her one-on-one instructions have been among the most popular training we’ve had in recent years. Every reporter felt like they walked away with practical advice they could immediately start using. We continue to go back for more because of this.”

— Mike Gruss, Editor-in-Chief at Sightline Media Group

With professional media training, you’re empowered with the skills and confidence to control your message and share your story to a wider audience. This kind of connection offers tangible benefits to your business and brand, such as the following:

  • Enhanced brand image: Cultivate a strong, positive brand image across various media platforms.
  • Improved communication skills: Learn to convey your messages clearly, confidently, and effectively.
  • Increased ROI: Leverage media appearances to drive brand awareness and profitability.
  • Crisis preparedness: Be well-prepared to handle media scrutiny during challenging times