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The Kerry Barrett Show Episode 1

🎙️ Welcome to the Kerry Barrett Show, hosted by yours truly, Kerry Barrett! This podcast is your ultimate destination for learning how to show up comfortably, confidently, and compellingly on camera. But that’s not all – we’ll also explore various aspects of social media, video marketing, and video strategy, covering everything from content creation to media opportunities, course creation, and audience growth. In this episode, I’ll share my personal story of overcoming debilitating fears and low self-esteem to build a successful 25-year career on camera. I’ll reveal the key to my success: the power of authenticity and relatability. Join me every Tuesday at 8 AM Eastern for new episodes and explore the free resources available on my website. 🎥✨


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Welcome to the Kerry Barrett show. I’m Kerry Barrett.

Along with expert interviews about social media about video marketing and about video strategy, this podcast is the place that you’ll come to learn to show up comfortably, confidently and compellingly on camera so that you can leverage the lens for every single opportunity it can give you. That means social media means content creation, it means media opportunities, course creation and audience visibility and growth. I overcame a debilitating fear of speaking to go on to a 25 year Emmy award winning on camera career. But it’s only when I realized the connection wasn’t about perfection, but about realness and relatability that my success on camera, and in my business soared. It’s how I grew my brand, online and in life. And this is where you will learn to do the same. So let’s jump in.

Welcome to Episode One of the Kerry Barrett show. I am Kerry Barrett. And this podcast is aimed to be super fun and interesting and entertaining and informative as well. So this podcast, as you just heard, is the place where you go to learn to speak comfortably, confidently and compellingly on camera. That is my story. And I’ll dive into that in just a little bit. But we’re also going to learn about all of the other things that go around showing up on camera for your business or for your personal brand or for your company. And I understand that depending on where you fall in that spectrum, meaning do you work for somebody else you work for yourself? How much agency do you have over the way that you show up on camera, there may be certain elements that you want to take a deeper dive into. And that’s when I would love for you to reach out to me and see how I can help you. But we’re going to cover not just that speaking on camera, but also all of the different ways that you can use the lens. So for social media for media opportunities to create your own digital show, if you’d like to create videos, and video funnels for all of the different stages of your customers buying journey, we’ll also talk about some of the issues that plague us when it comes to content creation. For example, if you’re not really techie, that’s me. How do you get around that, if you don’t have a ton of time, that’s me how you get around that. And if you lack the confidence, or you feel like you’re not really sure where to begin when it comes to delivering on camera in a way that can hold your audience. That was me too. We’re going to dive into all of that. But before we do, I want to give you a little bit of a background as to who I am, because I have a confession to make. And that is that I used to be absolutely terrible and terrified of showing up. And I don’t just mean like showing up on camera, I just mean showing up in my life. Going back to a very young age, I have always struggled with massively low self esteem, to the point where several times that struggle almost took my life. And it wasn’t a quick fix. But I did find a way to overcome it. And I’m going to share a little bit of that with you right now. Because I want you to know that I have been where you have been to some degree and it is through that struggle. And also through my academic knowledge and my experience, I figured out how to overcome it. And so while I was terrified of showing up in my life and anywhere for that matter being heard or looked at or seen, I also went on to develop a 25 year on camera career and I have had some success added as well when a couple of Emmys Maryrose and some other awards as well. I know how to deliver on camera. I know the importance of not just creating video but creating it with a delivery that is intentional, and that is hopefully engaging and it won’t be for everybody. I get that I’m not everybody’s cup of tea. If I were nobody would feel very strongly about me one way or the other. I would just be sort of vanilla milquetoast to use a more eloquent word. The goal here is to use who you are, and deliver that person on camera in a way that brings your ideal people to you, and CEFS off the rest. And so, mice story is, aside from having an incredibly low self esteem and being afraid of showing up, I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up, this is a number of years ago now. And one of the reasons I wanted to be a veterinarian, aside from the fact that I absolutely loved animals, was because I was hoping that it meant I wouldn’t have to talk to people all that much. That is how shy and introverted I was. And to some degree, still am. Here’s a hint: video allows you to control the message really, really well. And so I enrolled in pre veterinary medicine, a career path or course path, I should say, in college. And there was about a year and a half in which I realized there was one element of animal science that was even harder for me to overcome than my fear of being seen. And that was organic chemistry. So organic chemistry cut my veterinary career aspirations short pretty quickly. So I took a year and a half off to find myself. And a year and a half came and went, and I still hadn’t found myself. And so what I did was I re-enrolled in the communications program at my school. And bonus, no organic chemistry. Second bonus, fairly broad, I was hoping that I could use something that I would learn in that program to earn a living, whether it was speech pathology, or marketing, or PR or business communication. Bonus three, I was going to have to take a public speaking course to have them as a matter of fact, and I knew on some level that my fear of showing up was going to hinder me in my life. And so I was really hoping that this would help me get my arms around that fear and get better at him. And so, aside from RE enrolling, one of the things that I was also looking to do was to make up for all of this last time. Right, I took a year and a half off, I didn’t want to graduate a year and a half behind all of my friends. So when I re enrolled, I didn’t re enroll with the 12 credit hours, that would have made me a full time student, I re enrolled with 24. And I wanted to figure out how to jam and other three credit hours into that first semester back so that I could again make up for some of that last time. Well, I was already in class, Monday through Friday, from nine to five or later, sometimes from eight to nine 8am to 9pm. And so one of the ways that is the only way that I ever came up with that I could fit another three extra credit hours into my schedule is to get an internship in an industry that worked 24/7 So the News, the news industries 24/7 365. I could intern on the weekends, I could intern early in the mornings, I can intern overnight. And so I was lucky enough to get an internship at the local NBC affiliate in Greenville, Spartanburg, South Carolina, it was FF and from day one, I absolutely loved it. I loved the storytelling. I love to be energetic. I love the information. I love the ability of the host and the reporters to think on their feet. I love their ability to use their personality and their communication to keep the show moving forward. Even when perhaps behind the scenes everything was you know, falling to pieces prompter went out reporters live shot went down whatever the case may be. That ability was something I really aspired to. And I saw what it did for them. I saw the notoriety that it brought them. I saw the competence that they had. I saw the way people sort of hung on every word that they said. I saw the attention that it brought them. And I thought oh my gosh, I do want that. I like storytelling. I like learning about people. I moved all over when I was a kid. I lived in many different countries and I always enjoyed that element. But those other pieces that pay attention to the ability to use your personality and your delivery and your humor to keep things going Boy, that was fascinating to me. Little did I know how much that would help me down the road. So I went on to finish my bachelor’s in communications. I went and got a master’s degree. I did three more internships and then I launched A 20 year career in the broadcast news industry on camera, well, first as a reporter and a producer, but then as a reporter, producer, an anchor and then strictly as a reporter, and anchor. And that is where things really changed for me. And part of it was because I had to show up every single day, I couldn’t walk into my news director and be like, hey, you know, Dan, I’m not really feeling up to it. Today, I’m feeling kind of nervous. And I I’m not loving my hair, and I’m feeling bloated, I don’t want to go on camera. Like, that wasn’t an option, I had to show up every single day. And it was through recorded and live video and showing up on screen that I grew my brand in the news industry, that I grew my brand as a business owner, and that I changed the way that I showed up in my life. What I realized, as I was getting better and I was developing the skills was when I was live,

I had to dig myself out of whatever hole I had put myself into or technology had put myself into. So I had ad libbed, and I couldn’t figure out how to get out of it. Or, again, the reporter’s live shot crash or the teleprompter went down or my co anchor’s microphone cut out or the battery died on the light whenever it was, I had figured out how to keep things moving forward, compellingly so that we could get to the next element. And when I realized that I could navigate through whatever came my way, whether it was pretty or not. That’s when things really changed. For me, that’s when my confidence grew. That’s when I became who I am now, somebody who’s not afraid to put themselves out there or even if I recognize that I have the skills and the competence to do it anyway. And it changed my life. And it certainly has changed the trajectory of my business. There is a reason that I’m able to have a show and do live videos and have media opportunities and create social media content and have videos everywhere and have an audience and a visibility that expands beyond my local networking group. There are efficiencies to video and there’s a control element to video meaning even if you are shy or introverted, that’s okay. Video is a great place to expand because you control everything that goes on around you. And when you get really good, you don’t overthink it. So what used to take you 20 takes now it takes you two or you nail it on the first time, and you’re good to go. And so in this podcast, not only will we talk about the ways to deliver on camera, and all of the different opportunity, not just competence, but certainly visibility and Audit Executive, certainly revenue and obviously talk about the different elements that go into it time tech competence, mindset, use, and all of those different parts that make up your online persona or your online presence and your personal brand. And you can use that video then in the skills that you’ve learned to be able to handle sales calls and standing on a stage and talking to a live audience and selling one to many on a webinar or masterclass there are so many efficiencies and opportunities that video creates. And we’re going to dive into all of them. Now. Here’s my one ask for you. If you have topics that you would love to see covered, please email me and let me know. You can email me carry it carry barrett.com You can find a forum on my website again, Kerry barrett.com Let me know follow me on social and ask your questions and send me your topic ideas there. And if you have a guest that you think would be great or if you would like to talk on this podcast or if you would like to guest on this podcast, please shoot me an email and let me know I would love to talk to you about it. Now. In the meantime, go ahead and subscribe. Please leave a comment rate and share this podcast with anybody whom you might think could benefit from it. You can also find a whole bunch of free resources that will help you up your video game. You can find those on my website, Kerry barrett.com forward slash resources. And if you’d like to get an idea about how you show up on camera, take the quiz on my website. How bad are you on camera? Really? You can find Kerry barrett.com forward slash, how bad are you on camera? Really? And I can’t wait to jump into all of this with you. And please share, share, share this podcast with anyone who you think might be interested. It drops every Tuesday at 8pm Eastern. Thanks for listening. I’ll see you then.

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