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Strategies for On-Camera Challenges

The cover image of a youtube video with an image of Kerry and the words "Strategies for On-Camera Challenges"

I wanted to share some golden nuggets about effectively communicating on camera—whether you’re going live or recording for later. Here are three takeaways that I hope will resonate with you:


Level Up Your On Camera Confidence Marking Your Script So You Can Deliver On Autopilot

Your video content doesn’t end with just writing a good script and setting it up on a teleprompter! It all leads to the most important part—the delivery. 🗣

In this video, we’re going to work on your on-camera presence and learn the art of delivering a script with confidence and without sounding like a robot. Conversational skills are key when it comes to keeping viewers’ attention and leaving a lasting impression for the right reasons! ✅


Learn how to create captivating dialogues in videos

Have you ever considered the impact of dialogue in your videos? It’s not just about talking on camera; it’s about recreating real-life experiences and using the actual words from those conversations to enhance your storytelling.

Discover why dialogue is essential in conveying character-driven stories authentically. By using dialogue, you can effortlessly reveal a character’s personality without the need for lengthy explanations. Let the words speak for themselves!


Level Up Your Zoom Calls! Video Lighting, Framing, and Delivery Tips

Getting ready for your next Zoom call? Let me give you a checklist to make sure your setup and delivery are on point for your next meeting! 📽️

In this video, I’m going to walk you through a few tips to elevate the aesthetic quality of your calls from framing to lighting, along with some key pointers on how to better establish your presence. 👌

Tune in, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for more videos about how to create quality video content and improve your on-camera delivery! ✅


Don’t Be Caught Speechless! Why Use A Teleprompter and Essential Setup Tips

Worried about stumbling over your lines? Losing your train of thought mid-sentence? Taking days to shoot a 2-minute video? I’ve got your secret weapon: the teleprompter! 🎥 From types of teleprompters to techniques and set-up, I’m demystifying it all!

In this vlog, I share fun and valuable behind-the-scenes footage of bringing you top-tier content. From scripting to set-up, I’ll walk you through my routine.

Enjoy my tips and tricks, and don’t forget to check out the upcoming videos where we’ll discuss reading conversationally and marking your scripts! 💻


Communication and Video Set-Up Tips to Enhance Your Messaging

Are you feeling nervous about your upcoming on-camera interview for college admissions, internships, or job placements? Don’t worry, Emmy Award-winning TV news veteran Kerry Barrett is here to help. In this video, Kerry shares some tips on setting up your video call shot, so that you can present yourself in the best possible light.


Tips to Achieve Your Best Studio Setup

Learn how to create your very own studio space for shooting professional-quality videos from the comfort of your home or office. This video will guide you through choosing the perfect location, setting up the ideal background, understanding lighting solutions, and selecting the best audio equipment. Create stunning visuals and top-notch content with ease by following our comprehensive studio setup guide.


The Secret to Mastering Script-Writing for The Prompter: Unveiled!

In this captivating video, we’re unraveling the secrets behind writing for the teleprompter like a pro! Join us as we explore the key differences between writing for the ear and writing for the eye, and discover why it plays a crucial role in captivating your audience.

Why is this so essential? As content creators, we want to minimize distractions and ensure our audience comprehends every single word we convey. By writing a script that is specifically crafted for listening, we provide an optimal experience for our viewers.

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