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Category: The Kerry Barrett Show

Episode 40: Standing Out on LinkedIn Personal Branding for Legal & Financial Advisors

How can revealing personal details on LinkedIn profiles, such as hobbies, beliefs, and values, help individuals in the legal and financial advisory fields stand out and connect with potential clients?

In this episode, Kerry is joined by Danielle Hughes from More Than Words Marketing as they dive into the power of personal branding on LinkedIn. They discuss how revealing personal details and sharing stories sets individuals apart and builds trust with clients in the legal and financial advisory fields. The conversation emphasizes the importance of authenticity, consistency, and vulnerability when creating a strong personal brand, and highlights the impact of engaging employees as brand ambassadors.

Join Kerry and Danielle and get ready for an engaging discussion on the art of personal branding and the role of LinkedIn in building thought leadership and connecting with potential clients.


Episode 39: Courage in Action with the World’s Best Courage Coach

Unlock the extraordinary potential within you with Episode 39 of The Kerry Barrett Show! Join Laban Ditchburn, hailed as the world’s best courage coach, as he unveils the secrets to harnessing courage for transformative change. Tune in for practical tips and engaging stories to help you unlock your courage and lead with impact.


Episode 38: Unveiling Vulnerability and Building Confidence in Business and Personal Growth

In this episode, we talked about overcoming perfectionism and embracing a mindset of progress. 

Our guest Matt Drinkhahn shared personal experiences, practical tips, and a 4-step process for managing emotions. We discussed the impact of perfectionism in business and personal growth, and how to confront fears and obstacles with grace and patience. Join us in empowering yourself to cultivate a positive mindset and take action towards peace, joy, and profit.

Matt is an executive business coach who specializes in helping recovering perfectionists systematize their businesses for more peace, joy, and profit. With a focus on productivity, Matt recently worked with a $25,000,000 company to improve their email inbox management and organizational systems. His coaching aims to provide practical solutions for business growth and efficiency.


Episode 36: Developing a peak performance mindset

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When it comes to being on camera, striving for peak performance is akin to delivering your best possible performance. Rather than fixating on the final outcome, it’s about embracing the entire experience.

This entails fully putting yourself in the task at hand when presenting something to your audience.

To have a peak performance mindset, you need to train your mind just like athletes train their bodies. This involves learning to concentrate, visualize success, and manage your emotions effectively. When you can do this, you’ll be in the best possible position to showcase your talents whenever you’re on camera.

For a deeper exploration of developing a peak performance mindset, don’t miss our latest episode.


Episode 35: Good On Camera, But Not Really Good On Cam

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Ever wondered why some actors captivate audiences on screen but grapple with anxiety when they step out of character? Don’t miss out on our insightful discussion as we delve into this fascinating topic.


-Discover the reasons behind actors’ nervousness in real life despite their on-screen prowess.

 -Hear personal stories and experiences. 

-Gain valuable tips and strategies for managing off-camera anxiety. 

-Explore the intricate relationship between performance and personal identity. 

Whether you’re a fan of film and television or simply curious about human behavior, this episode promises to offer valuable insights into the fascinating world of actors’ off-camera jitters. Tune in to The Kerry Barrett Show and join us as we demystify the actor’s experience!


Episode 34: Take me as I am vs Perfectionism

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We’re talking about how we balance being real with striving for perfection in how we communicate.

In this episode, I’ll share stories that show the struggle between being authentic and trying to be flawless. You’ll hear about people like Mike, who got caught up in trying to be perfect and ended up feeling stressed and distant from their audience. On the other hand, we’ll look at those who push for being totally real, even if it means being less professional. I’ll give you practical tips on finding the right mix between being yourself and meeting your audience’s expectations. We’ll dive into personal stories and advice so you can communicate in a way that feels genuine and impactful. If you want to understand how being authentic while still aiming for excellence can build stronger connections, this episode is for you! Tune in now!


Episode 33: Personality

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“If you can get your audience to smile or laugh and the rest of your message is on point, you’re 90% of the way there.” Unveil the sweet spot between personality and professionalism in virtual communication.


Episode 32: Proxemics

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Get ready to explore the world of #Proxemics and how it affects video chats! We’ll talk about how different distances between people on screen can impact how we feel and how we lead. Proxemics is all about the space between people when they interact. It’s super important for making online conversations feel natural and for making our message stronger. Understanding this can help us reach more people, build trust, and make our brand known online.


Episode 31: Looking Nervous vs Feeling Nervous

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Join me on The Kerry Barrett Show as we explore the difference between looking nervous and feeling nervous. As a communication expert, I’ve dedicated years to exploring how style versus substance impacts public speaking. In this episode, we’ll unpack the significance of vocal variety and body language in captivating your audience, and I’ll share strategies for overcoming nervousness and handling mistakes like a pro.