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Episode 33: Personality

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“If you can get your audience to smile or laugh and the rest of your message is on point, you’re 90% of the way there.” Unveil the sweet spot between personality and professionalism in virtual communication.


Beyond the Boardroom: 7 outside the box ideas to help CEOs leverage video

A. table with a small laptop on it and a mic standing next to it

Video conferencing is an established staple in the corporate world. Like any staple, it can end up feeling… well, stale. So, I want to present some innovative ways for CEOs to leverage the power of video that go beyond the traditional boardroom setting. 

What follows is an overview of seven ideas and what each one has to offer your video marketing in the C-suite.


How the 3-dimensional version of YOU builds trust

A group of people sitting and standing around a computer screen, all watching something together

Like it or not, you’re living in a digital age dominated by screens, which underscores the power of visual communication. For leaders and content creators alike, being on camera is not just about delivering a message; it’s a powerful tool for building trust and establishing a genuine connection with your audience.

How does presenting yourself on camera engender trust from your audience? 

Check out these six advantages that a strong onscreen presence can afford your business and brand… 


12 Tips to Tackle Your Nerves and Step into the Spotlight

A man wearing a jacket and standing between pieces of lighting equipment, looking down at his feet

As someone who used to struggle with the fear of being on camera, I recognize that no amount of stats or facts about the importance of video marketing will ever matter if your nerves are running the show. 

So, in today’s blog post, I’m offering you some advice — 12 tips, actually — on how to overcome your discomfort with stepping into the spotlight so that you can reap the benefits of video marketing. 


5 Reasons Your Talking Head Video Sucks

5 Reasons Your Talking Head Video Sucks

Are your talking head videos not getting the engagement you’re looking for? The value might be there, but you’re just not getting the clicks, the views, and audience engagement.

Let’s talk about the top 5 reasons why your talking head videos may be falling flat and how to fix them. We’ll discuss essential tips and tricks to keep your viewers engaged and improve your on-screen presence to increase your watch time on your platforms.

Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or just someone looking to enhance their video production skills, this guide has you covered. Don’t miss out on the chance to level up your talking head video game and boost your online success!


Master The Camera: 5 Tips to Looking and Sounding Natural on Camera

Text reads: 5 Tips to Looking and Sounding Natural on Camera. Kerry Barrett is holding a clapboard.

Have you ever spent more time than you should have on many takes for a single video? We always want our content to look perfect and sound perfect, but that instinct might not always be the right one. When it comes to creating video content for marketing, especially on social media, “refined” is the direct opposite of “natural” and might even be counterproductive for what you intend. If you want your audience to connect with you and be entertained, these are a few tips you should keep in mind!