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Media Training Message: How to Leverage Your Awards on Social Media

Spoiler alert: You’re not bragging, you’re building your brand.

If you’ve read any of my blog posts, you know how much value I place on the importance of establishing authority and credibility in your industry. While video is always a bull’s eye, in my experience, you do have other arrows in your quiver. What am I talking about? Celebrating and communicating your success on social media. 

Lately, I’ve observed too many people shy away from sharing on social media what I know are major accomplishments or professional wins. If you’re one of them, I’m sorry to say you are wasting a golden opportunity to build your brand and establish your voice as one of authority in your industry. 

Don’t get me wrong — no one likes a bragger, but this isn’t about showing off, it’s about demonstrating expertise, experience, and excellence. Stick with me while I explain why highlighting your awards on social media is crucial… and I’ll provide a few tips on how to do it effectively.


The Ugly Truth about Avoiding Video

Why You Should Embrace the Camera and its Power of Connection

Even if you already know that video is an indispensable tool for connecting with your audience, you might still be one of those individuals who shies away from being on camera because you find standing in front of a screen uncomfortable.

First of all, it doesn’t have to be. 


Craft a quick & compelling video script, courtesy of ChatGPT

A person typing on.a laptop computer

The pressure to come up with the perfect script or video outline can result in paralysis, which means nothing gets done. Before we dive into my shortcut for crafting a compelling video script, almost without effort, let me remind you of Winston Churchill’s wise words: “Perfection is the enemy of progress.” 


Podcast Episode 23: Is It Too Late For You To Start On Video

The cover image of a youtube video, with a picture of Kerry drinking out of a mug and the words "The Kerry Barrett Show Episode 23 Is it Too Late For You to Start on Video"

In this episode of The Kerry Barrett Show, Kerry tackles the question of whether it’s too late to get into the video game. She reassures listeners that there is still room for them, even if they’re just starting out. While it may seem like everyone is creating video content, Kerry explains that the majority of business owners and professionals are actually just digital lurkers, consuming content without creating their own. She encourages listeners to focus on their target audience and provide valuable content, as there is plenty of room for new ideas and personal brand growth. Kerry emphasizes that now is the time to get started and not give up.


How to Create a Compelling Video Marketing Strategy

A young Black woman setting up a camera with a ring light, smiling slightly

So much of my job involves convincing my audience that video is invaluable to their growth and professional prosperity. Once convinced, I then have some heavy lifting to do with respect to my clients’ fear of being on camera or lack of confidence on screen. 

While I’m happy and motivated to manage both of these tasks, what I really feel energized about is teaching people how to create their video marketing strategy, once they’re fully on board with the value of video and their ability to leverage it. 


Create Viral Video Content: 6 Ideas for Creating Video Content with Memes

Memes… the DNA of the soul.

That sentence is both a good expression of the origin of the word “meme”, and a meme itself—a snippet of a monologue from a video game, which has spread all over the internet.

Goes to show that memes are a staple of internet culture and have a natural shareability, and that makes them an amazing resource of ideas you should definitely leverage as a content creator.

In today’s video, we dive into how memes can inspire incredible content ideas for your blogs or vlogs. From exploring viral memes and their cultural impact to meme-inspired challenges and storytelling, there’s so much creative potential waiting to be tapped!


The Problem Isn’t Their Attention Span, It’s You: Four Ways To Go From Boring to Bold On Video

No quite getting enough engagement on your videos? Don’t chalk it up to your audience’s attention-span—the problem is you’re not doing enough to not bore them.

You need to entertain to retain, enough to let them get through the information you want to relay!

Let me give you 4 ways to transform your video content from boring to engaging, to add the entertainment half of edutainment.


The Difference Between Website Content and Feed Content

Wondering whether to use the same video content on your website and your social media platforms? 💭

There’s a stark contrast in how audiences engage with video content on websites compared to their social media feeds, demanding the need for a tailored approach on each medium.

Let’s discuss it in this video and work on our video content strategy! ✅