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The Difference Between Website Content and Feed Content

Wondering whether to use the same video content on your website and your social media platforms? 💭

There’s a stark contrast in how audiences engage with video content on websites compared to their social media feeds, demanding the need for a tailored approach on each medium.

Let’s discuss it in this video and work on our video content strategy! ✅


Kerry Barrett  07:37:10  

Hello, I’m joining you from the floor of my sunroom today. So good. Just felt like a little bit of a different location. What do you think is the difference between videos that you might find on a landing page and then video that you might find or content that you might find on your social media feed. There’s a reason that product videos and website videos don’t perform well on social media. And I’m going to share that secret with you today. When you are on somebody’s website, there’s a pretty good chance that you were specifically looking either for that person or that company Exactly. Or you were doing a search for a company that provided services that you knew that you were already interested in. And you saw what popped up on your Google search. And then you start pursuing from there, we’ll talk about website content. So for example, if you are sharing a customer or client testimonial or a case study, you get right into it because people are already visiting your website with intent. videos and content are quite different on a social media feed. And that’s because people are scrolling and they’re just stopping when they see something that might be interesting. So posting just a Client Testimonial, for example. Hi, here’s Suzy she hired us and now she got these amazing results if you want the same results, and Susie call us that stuff doesn’t work on social media, because again, people are scrolling. They’re interested in infotainment or edutainment, and they’re interested in story. So you have to wrap that case study or that testimonial into a story. You’re talking about it through your clients eyes and through the way that you help them. What prompted them to come to you. You know what, and if you’re curious, I had a little bit of dialogue into that story as well. In fact, if you’re curious about how to use dialogue, you can check out this video right here that wraps it in a pretty package that entertains and informs and entices people to stop even if they weren’t necessarily looking for that particular bit of information. storytelling and infotainment is important on both platforms. But the website is intentional. Usually, social media feeds are perhaps even random. And so if you want to pull them in, you’ve got to wrap things in story and you’ve got to wrap them in edutainment. Let me know. How do you find your website video and your social media video differing in comparison? Let me know in the comments. And if you have questions, you can drop them there as well. See in the next video

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