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Craft a quick & compelling video script, courtesy of ChatGPT

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The pressure to come up with the perfect script or video outline can result in paralysis, which means nothing gets done. Before we dive into my shortcut for crafting a compelling video script, almost without effort, let me remind you of Winston Churchill’s wise words: “Perfection is the enemy of progress.” 

There is no such thing as perfect and expecting that your video script will be is a waste of time. 

Check out my foolproof method, designed to help anyone and everyone get their script on paper and their message out to the world.  

Script Writing 101: A Cheat Sheet

The goal of a strong script is to communicate a solution or strategy you have that will satisfy your client’s needs. Focus on what you can provide that will solve their problems and then think about how you would introduce that concept, service or product to them. 

Here’s how to get started… 

Step 1

Capture a brief voice note on your phone, addressing a client’s pain point and outlining your solution.


  • Reflect on a recent discovery call where you highlighted a prospect’s mistake, proposed a fix, and achieved results.
  • Share a client success story or answer a common pre-sign-up question.

Don’t self-censor or worry about sounding too polished on this initial recording. Refining the structure comes later; right now it’s all about making sure your message aligns with your content strategy and brand story.

Step 2

Transfer the voice note to your laptop or device using a voice note transcription app, like Descript. Or you can also activate Voice Typing in Google docs by opening a document, selecting Tools and choosing Voice Typing. Easy-peasy!

Step 3

Once transcribed, finesse the note into a proper script by feeding the transcription to ChatGPT using a prompt similar to the following:

ChatGPT: You are a modern-day content creator and social media marketer, renowned for crafting thousands of high-performing videos that drive engagement and generate inbound leads for B2B companies. Create a video script based on a voice note I recorded. I’ll provide the transcript later.

Note: this is an example. You need to describe your job, role, position, etc., as unique to you and the reason why you’re creating video!

A good rule of thumb when it comes to using ChatGPT or any AI content creation tool is to keep in mind the adage, “Garbage in, garbage out.” In other words, you need to be clear and specific when it comes to using this tool to create a script that will work for you. 

Consider including additional information in your ChatGPT prompt, such as  

  • Target audience: (List your dream client — who do you want to reach?)
  • Objective: (List your video objective — what’s the purpose of this video?)
  • Start with a strong hook like: (Provide examples either from other scripts you’ve created or from some of your favorites created by others)

Be sure to include script requests, like listing 2-3 key points or takeaways. End the video by summarizing the message and inspiring action with a CTA or evoking a specific emotion.

Additional directives to share with ChatGPT:

  • Use simple and punchy language; avoid complex terms like “maximize” or “utilize.”
  • Tone and voice should be — {tell the tool what your tone and voice are so that it can try to capture an authentic version of your brand}. 

Ask ChatGPT: Do you understand? If so, I’ll send you the transcript.

After ChatGPT responds that it understands, give it the transcript. 

While it’s great that this technology exists to help you achieve your content goals quicker than ever before, you are still responsible for final checks and quality assurance. 

Make sure your script represents your message and voice accurately and revise, accordingly, to ensure that you’re starting your next video with the strongest script possible. 

Need a little more assistance? I’m always standing by to support my clients and help you conquer video marketing with ease and efficacy! 

Let’s get started! 

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