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Why Media Training is a Must for Introverted Business Leaders

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Introverts can be fabulous business leaders, but certain aspects of the business world can be really stressful for introverts to handle. Now, let me be clear: there is absolutely nothing about the business world that introverts can’t do, and do amazingly. However, business leaders spend a lot of time doing any number of social, people-centric things. 

The Business World Can Drain Your Social Battery

While many introverts love social activities, generally introverted people describe their “social battery” as being depleted by those activities. Think of it like working out: you might love running, but the more you run, the more tired you’re going to get, and if you don’t rest and fuel yourself, you’re not going to be able to keep running.

When introverted business leaders or entrepreneurs get tapped out on the social and don’t have an opportunity to recharge, all aspects of work can become a lot more difficult.

How Media Training Can Help Introverts in Business

I’ve got good news! While an introvert may not be able to train for more social activity the way a runner can train (or at least not nearly as effectively), media training can help make your social activities more efficient. Identifying what types of media activity are most important for your business (i.e. what you might skip, what you can outsource or delegate) and what types of  media activity are the most draining for you (i.e. how you should structure your time around those items) can help you to approach your work more effectively.

Media training can help you to streamline your media planning activities so that you are doing the work that you need to do and that you are well suited to do, and so that you have the assistance you need to get everything else taken care of as well. From content creation to interview planning and networking, media training can provide you the tools you need.

If it sounds like media training isn’t just for introverts—well, you’re right. Media training is an overlooked tool, particularly for small businesses, and I think anyone can benefit from an outside expert helping them. But for introverts, it can also do things like reduce burnout, shorten your work day, and make your media ventures more successful—all less social exhaustion at the end of every day!

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