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Why does the right video presence boost your brand’s credibility?

10 Reasons why video ups your brand credibility factor.

Sure, you might be camera shy and prefer to do the behind-the-scenes work, rather than stand front and center on screen. However, sitting out the chance to step into the spotlight and elevate your voice on video is an obstacle worth overcoming. 


Simply put: your video presence establishes your brand’s credibility with an increasingly discerning audience. 

Let me take you through 10 reasons why you need to shake off the shyness and bring your brand to the big screen. 

10 reasons why video ups your brand’s credibility factor 

Listen, you work hard on your brand and business. I know you’re the voice of authority when it comes to your product or service; the question is: does your audience, whether loyal or untapped? 

In order to connect meaningfully and prove that you know your stuff, these are the 10 most compelling reasons I can offer you as to why it’s time to call action on creating video for your business. 

Visual engagement

Part of the reason why video is so highly engaging is because it combines visuals and audio, making it more compelling and memorable than text or static images. Video allows you to convey your brand’s message and personality effectively, capturing the attention of your audience. With so much messaging and content out there, being able to capture attention is critical. Also, did you know that 65% of people are visual learners? In other words, more than half of any audience. 


Videos can help convey authenticity and transparency. When people see and hear YOU, or other real individuals from your company speaking about your products, services, or values, it can create a sense of trust. Authenticity is key to building credibility because it shows that your brand has nothing to hide.


Look, everyone loves a good story. Stories connect us, which is why storytelling through video is such a successful strategy. By presenting a narrative or telling your brand’s story through video, you can connect with your audience on a deeper level, making your brand more relatable and trustworthy.

Demonstrations and reviews

Think of the adage, “Seeing is believing.” Video allows you to demonstrate your products or services in action, providing proof of their quality and functionality. Customer reviews and testimonials in video format can also serve as social proof, reinforcing your brand’s credibility.

Education and information

Videos can be used to educate your audience. When your brand provides valuable information, tutorials, or insights through video, it positions you as an authority in your industry, which in turn boosts your credibility.

Emotional connection

A popular medium, video is nothing if not evocative. When your brand creates content that resonates with your audience on an emotional level, it can build a stronger bond and trust. People tend to trust brands that make them feel a certain way or that tap into a certain emotion, whether nostalgia, confidence, motivation — you name it.

Increased accessibility

With the prevalence of smartphones and internet access, videos are more accessible than ever. Creating videos for various platforms (YouTube, social media, your website) makes it easier for a wide audience to find and engage with your brand. In fact, according to one study, 60% of respondents in the U.S. use smartphones to watch videos


Videos are highly shareable on social media platforms. When your audience shares your videos, it can extend your reach, and the recommendation from someone they trust enhances your brand’s credibility.

Improved SEO

Since Google and other search engines often prioritize video content, making it easier for potential customers to find your brand, videos help improve your website’s search engine ranking. High search rankings can contribute to your brand’s credibility. Think about it. How often do you feel compelled to scroll past page one in a Google search?


Brands that use video are often seen as more innovative and forward-thinking. This perception of staying up-to-date with technology and trends can positively impact your credibility. Your brand will look more cutting-edge and “with it” compared to your non-video creating competitors. 

To sum up, visually, (since we know that works), video can enhance your brand’s credibility by: 

  • engaging your audience
  • showcasing authenticity
  • telling compelling stories
  • providing proof of quality
  • educating
  • creating emotional connections
  • increasing accessibility
  • demonstrating innovation. 

Now that you understand the power of video to build and bolster your brand, the question is, how do you get started creating and polishing your video presence?

That’s the easy part! 

Just contact me to discover the video strategy that’s ideal for your business and we will increase your credibility together

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