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Episode 24: Blooming Beyond Limits

An image of a woman with the caption "The Kerry Barrett Show Episode 24: Blooming Beyond Limits: Overcoming Self-Doubt, Building Confidence, and Embracing Personal Growth, with Treva Graves"

In this enriching episode, I had the pleasure of welcoming Treva Graves, a dear friend and an expert in personal branding. With a decade of experience, Treva, the brilliant mind behind Bloom Personal Branding, shared her captivating journey—from childhood insecurities to navigating through the challenges of school bullying.

As Treva recounted her personal transformation, it became evident that the turning point in her life was marked by a decision to take control. Seeking mentorship and venturing into pageants, she discovered a path to boosting her confidence and overcoming the insecurities that had plagued her.


Why Your Fear of Public Speaking Doesn’t Have to Hold You Back at Work

A man sitting on a dais in front of a screen, talking to an audience

You’ve heard the expression that the “only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” which former U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared while campaigning against Herbert Hoover in 1932. 

That’s all fine and good, but these inspiring words actually do very little to calm the nerves of people for whom public speaking is a real phobia. And it is a legitimate phobia.