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Dan Cappuccio

Very often, corporate leaders demonstrate very extroverted personas.  In terms of Insight profiles, either red or yellow energy.  There is a great deal of value placed on being sociable and relatable.  However, for many in a wide array of engineering roles, our minds aren’t always wired in quite the same way.  Efforts in regards to team-building and to draw us out of our shells are met with skepticism and doubt as opposed to openness and fun. 
For those reasons, I was very pleasantly surprised by Kerry Barrett’s presentation at the XLA conference.  Although I met her topic with my predetermined amount of skepticism, she was able to hook my attention and never let it go.  She spoke to relatability and proved to be relatable throughout her presentation.  I didn’t get the sense that she was preaching from a list of prescribed suggestions but rather that she had the lived experience to speak confidently on the topic.  Her conclusions about the characteristics that make a person relatable were driven by data and she is interested in constantly improving her methodology.  I would HIGHLY recommend her to any other organization or company looking for a key note speaker for a similar event.
-Dan Cappuccio

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