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Author: Kerry Barrett

Episode 34: Take me as I am vs Perfectionism

The title card for the Kerry Barrett Show podcast (episode 34)

We’re talking about how we balance being real with striving for perfection in how we communicate.

In this episode, I’ll share stories that show the struggle between being authentic and trying to be flawless. You’ll hear about people like Mike, who got caught up in trying to be perfect and ended up feeling stressed and distant from their audience. On the other hand, we’ll look at those who push for being totally real, even if it means being less professional. I’ll give you practical tips on finding the right mix between being yourself and meeting your audience’s expectations. We’ll dive into personal stories and advice so you can communicate in a way that feels genuine and impactful. If you want to understand how being authentic while still aiming for excellence can build stronger connections, this episode is for you! Tune in now!


Episode 33: Personality

The title card for the Kerry Barrett Show podcast (episode 33)

“If you can get your audience to smile or laugh and the rest of your message is on point, you’re 90% of the way there.” Unveil the sweet spot between personality and professionalism in virtual communication.


Episode 32: Proxemics

The title card for the Kerry Barrett Show podcast (episode 32)

Get ready to explore the world of #Proxemics and how it affects video chats! We’ll talk about how different distances between people on screen can impact how we feel and how we lead. Proxemics is all about the space between people when they interact. It’s super important for making online conversations feel natural and for making our message stronger. Understanding this can help us reach more people, build trust, and make our brand known online.


Episode 31: Looking Nervous vs Feeling Nervous

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Join me on The Kerry Barrett Show as we explore the difference between looking nervous and feeling nervous. As a communication expert, I’ve dedicated years to exploring how style versus substance impacts public speaking. In this episode, we’ll unpack the significance of vocal variety and body language in captivating your audience, and I’ll share strategies for overcoming nervousness and handling mistakes like a pro.


Elevating Your Marketing Strategy: Convincing Your CEO to Prioritize Video Content

A white woman sitting on an outdoor bench smiling at the camera; she is wearing a brightly colored blazer

Let me guess… you drew the short straw and are now expected to convince your CEO that video is the way to go. Well, I’m glad you’re here because I can help you embrace the strategic approach that will highlight the benefits of video to a business, such as: magnified brand visibility, increased audience engagement, and overall company growth. Yes, growth. 


The Ugly Truth about Avoiding Video

Why You Should Embrace the Camera and its Power of Connection

Even if you already know that video is an indispensable tool for connecting with your audience, you might still be one of those individuals who shies away from being on camera because you find standing in front of a screen uncomfortable.

First of all, it doesn’t have to be. 


Episode 25: The Founders Stories

A screenshot of a youtube video with the words "The Kerry Barrett Show Episode 24: The Founders Stories, with Patrice Poltzer, and the picture of a dark haired woman.

In this insightful episode, Patrice Poltzer, a renowned storytelling strategist, shares her expertise on crafting compelling founder stories that resonate with audiences. Patrice delves into the importance of authenticity, vulnerability, and strategic storytelling for entrepreneurs looking to connect with their audience. She explores the process of identifying key moments in one’s life, understanding audience psychographics, and leveraging AI for enhanced emotional connection. Join the conversation and explore the nuances of founder storytelling and its transformative impact on businesses.