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Author: Kerry Barrett

5 Reasons Your Talking Head Video Sucks

5 Reasons Your Talking Head Video Sucks

Are your talking head videos not getting the engagement you’re looking for? The value might be there, but you’re just not getting the clicks, the views, and audience engagement.

Let’s talk about the top 5 reasons why your talking head videos may be falling flat and how to fix them. We’ll discuss essential tips and tricks to keep your viewers engaged and improve your on-screen presence to increase your watch time on your platforms.

Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or just someone looking to enhance their video production skills, this guide has you covered. Don’t miss out on the chance to level up your talking head video game and boost your online success!


Episode 15: How to Grow Your Real Estate Business with Matt Cavanaugh

Episode 15: How to Grow Your Real Estate Business with Matt Cavanaugh: "Focus on activities that provide a positive return on energy (ROE) rather than just a financial return on investment (ROI). By aligning your business strategies with your personality and passions, you can not only increase your chances of success but also experience greater fulfillment in your entrepreneurial journey."

Matt Cavanaugh is the founder of the Freedom Chasers Podcast, a podcast that inspires real estate agents and working professionals to leave their day jobs for lives of greater freedom and purpose. Matt previously was a top-performing sales professional in the B2B space as well as a high school math teacher. As a thought leader, Matt shares his expertise in real estate investing and lifestyle design on the Freedom Chasers Podcast and in real estate venues across the country.

In this podcast, Matt Cavanaugh shares his insights on growing a real estate business to seven figures. He highlights the significance of lead generation and finding strategies that fit an agent’s personality and market. The podcast touches on the different factors that impact lead generation success, such as market fundamentals and individual strengths. Matt also discusses the use of personality assessments to help agents determine their ideal lead-generation approach.


Why does the right video presence boost your brand’s credibility?

10 Reasons why video ups your brand credibility factor.

Sure, you might be camera shy and prefer to do the behind-the-scenes work, rather than stand front and center on screen. However, sitting out the chance to step into the spotlight and elevate your voice on video is an obstacle worth overcoming. 


Simply put: your video presence establishes your brand’s credibility with an increasingly discerning audience. 

Let me take you through 10 reasons why you need to shake off the shyness and bring your brand to the big screen. 


Is fear keeping you from speaking on video? Three easy Ways To Practice

The back end of a video camera filming someone.

Fear of speaking on camera is one of the most common complaints that I hear! Often it feels insurmountable, but I’m here to promise you that you can overcome this phobia! One of the most important ways to address a fear is by practicing a lot—by confronting your fear in lower-stakes situations, you can start working through it so that when you need to be on camera for important events, you are better prepared. 

In addition, this also helps train your body. When we are afraid, the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in (this is the same thing that triggers fight/flight/freeze responses. When you are in a high stakes situation, your body is anxious and already primed to go into emergency mode. By practicing something that you fear, you literally train your parasympathetic nervous system to understand that the trigger is not actually something it needs to be protecting you from.

At the same time, practicing being on camera can be tough! Here are three tips to help you find ways to practice your on-screen skills:


Episode 14: Trends in Selling with Bill Caskey

Episode 14: Trends in Selling with Bill Caskey. "Selling isn't just about convincing or persuading; it's about creating an environment where mutual benefit can thrive."

Bill Caskey is a sales development leader and experimenter who has been improving B2B sales teams and executives since 1990. His counter-intuitive philosophies and strategies go against the orthodoxy of most sales approaches – the ‘convince and persuade’ doctrine. Instead, Bill takes a radically different approach to B2B sales – which includes using media as a lead device, creating personal empowerment for the salesperson by avoiding the antiquated techniques of amateurs, and a thorough understanding of ‘buyer behavior’ which helps the salesperson control the sales process.

His topics help: * CEOs of sales-oriented businesses who want rapid growth. * VPs of Sales who have sales teams needing to make their numbers. * Sales Professionals, who must reinvent themselves in the new digital economy yet who lack sound coaching from their managers. He is the author of Same Game New Rules, Rewire The Sales Mind, The Sales Playbook, and Email It! He co-hosts with Bryan Neale, The Advanced Selling Podcast (Top 30 Marketing Podcast on iTunes), a weekly podcast counseling sales forces and leaders worldwide, who seek to improve their business. The program is the top sales podcast with downloads of over 130,000/ month with 13,000,000 downloads in 13 years. He is also the creator of The High Achiever’s Mentoring Program, a small group experience for high-income sellers. He also hosts his own podcast – The Bill Caskey Podcast, where he dives deeper into counter-intuitive concepts for CEOs and sales professionals.

In this podcast, host Kerry Barrett interviews sales coach and trainer Bill Caskey. They discuss the common mistakes and misconceptions about selling, emphasizing the importance of creating an environment where both the customer and the salesperson benefit. They also touch on the need for unlearning outdated sales techniques and retraining individuals to approach sales more effectively.


On-Camera Tips for Introverts

A person seated on a multicolor chair with their hands over their face.

On-camera time can be extra tough for introverts, even those who don’t think of themselves as being afraid to be on camera. Talking to people on camera can feel very different from face-to-face, which can make it more draining and more stressful. To make things more difficult, work that requires on-camera time is often done by extroverts, so people who find being social less “natural” may already be working extra hard to maintain their social batteries. Here are three tips that will help anyone improve their on-camera performance, but are especially designed for introverts.


Episode 13: Tech Entrepreneurship and Real Estate with Zev Freidus

The Kerry Barrett Show with Zev Freidus

Zev Freidus began his real estate career in Boca Raton, Florida over 20 years ago. Long before the mass migration from the northeast, in the mid 90’s Zev had the vision to begin investing in residential properties in Boca. In 2005 Zev founded Boca Executive Realty with the mission of combining innovative technology with superior agents to become Florida’s most respected and trusted residential real estate brokerage. Over the coming 10 years he led the company through a period of hyper growth, which culminated in 2014 by selling a controlling interest in the company to a private equity group and rebranding as BEX Realty. In 2021 Zev launched ZFC as a full service boutique residential and commercial brokerage, specializing in real estate across the entire state of Florida.

In this podcast episode, host Kerry Barrett is joined by Zev Fredius, a business and real estate expert. Zev discusses his background in technology and real estate, and how he combined the two to create successful real estate brokerages. He shares his journey of realizing the value of investing in real estate and using technology to grow and scale his business. Zev also talks about his relocation to Florida and how he leveraged technology to stand out in a competitive market.


Three Quick Tips to Vanquish Cameraphobia

A person in front of a camera, with the camera equipment visible in the photo frame.

You know the feeling: your throat is dry, your underarms are sweaty, and your face feels bright red … and here are the cameras to capture your terror on video for all to see!

You’re not alone! Fearing to be caught on video is common. Hating the way you look on video is, if possible, an even more frequent occurrence. For many executives, small business owners, and others, video is a fact of life, and one that they’ve resigned themselves to hating.

But would it surprise you to learn that many people who look calm & composed, engaging & energetic on camera also struggle with these fears? Believe it or not, you can overcome the fear of being on video. Unfortunately, it’s not always a quick and easy process, but it is quick and easy to get started! Here are three tips to help you start to learn to love being in front of the camera.


Video Success Relies on the Structure of a Framework Strengthened by Professional Coaching

Kerry Barrett talking to someone from behind a desk with the words: Strengthen your Video Marketing with Professional Coaching

When we’re trying to market ourselves and grow our businesses, it’s easy to get distracted by the latest shiny object or marketing trend. No matter how impressive or effective the latest tool or trick, the fact remains that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to building your brand. 

Video is no exception. 

I’m often asked by potential clients whether video will work for them. In fact, the inquiry comes up often enough that I thought it made sense to craft this quick blog post and explain that video success really hinges on factors specific to each client. 

Allow me to explain…