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Elevating Your Marketing Strategy: Convincing Your CEO to Prioritize Video Content

A white woman sitting on an outdoor bench smiling at the camera; she is wearing a brightly colored blazer

Let me guess… you drew the short straw and are now expected to convince your CEO that video is the way to go. Well, I’m glad you’re here because I can help you embrace the strategic approach that will highlight the benefits of video to a business, such as: magnified brand visibility, increased audience engagement, and overall company growth. Yes, growth. 


The Ugly Truth about Avoiding Video

Why You Should Embrace the Camera and its Power of Connection

Even if you already know that video is an indispensable tool for connecting with your audience, you might still be one of those individuals who shies away from being on camera because you find standing in front of a screen uncomfortable.

First of all, it doesn’t have to be. 


Episode 25: The Founders Stories

A screenshot of a youtube video with the words "The Kerry Barrett Show Episode 24: The Founders Stories, with Patrice Poltzer, and the picture of a dark haired woman.

In this insightful episode, Patrice Poltzer, a renowned storytelling strategist, shares her expertise on crafting compelling founder stories that resonate with audiences. Patrice delves into the importance of authenticity, vulnerability, and strategic storytelling for entrepreneurs looking to connect with their audience. She explores the process of identifying key moments in one’s life, understanding audience psychographics, and leveraging AI for enhanced emotional connection. Join the conversation and explore the nuances of founder storytelling and its transformative impact on businesses.


Craft a quick & compelling video script, courtesy of ChatGPT

A person typing on.a laptop computer

The pressure to come up with the perfect script or video outline can result in paralysis, which means nothing gets done. Before we dive into my shortcut for crafting a compelling video script, almost without effort, let me remind you of Winston Churchill’s wise words: “Perfection is the enemy of progress.” 


What is virtual presence, why is it important and how to improve

A screenshot of a youtube video, with a picture of Kerry and the caption "Virtual Presence: Why it matters and how to up your game

Discover the art of projecting your leadership style, capabilities, and confidence through digital mediums such as video calls, social media, online meetings, and live streams. Your virtual presence directly impacts your ability to influence, engage, and gain credibility with your team, clients, and prospects. Gain insights into the essentials of clear, concise, and articulate communication, as well as fostering engagement and inclusivity in a hybrid audience setting.


Episode 24: Blooming Beyond Limits

An image of a woman with the caption "The Kerry Barrett Show Episode 24: Blooming Beyond Limits: Overcoming Self-Doubt, Building Confidence, and Embracing Personal Growth, with Treva Graves"

In this enriching episode, I had the pleasure of welcoming Treva Graves, a dear friend and an expert in personal branding. With a decade of experience, Treva, the brilliant mind behind Bloom Personal Branding, shared her captivating journey—from childhood insecurities to navigating through the challenges of school bullying.

As Treva recounted her personal transformation, it became evident that the turning point in her life was marked by a decision to take control. Seeking mentorship and venturing into pageants, she discovered a path to boosting her confidence and overcoming the insecurities that had plagued her.


Why Your Fear of Public Speaking Doesn’t Have to Hold You Back at Work

A man sitting on a dais in front of a screen, talking to an audience

You’ve heard the expression that the “only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” which former U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt declared while campaigning against Herbert Hoover in 1932. 

That’s all fine and good, but these inspiring words actually do very little to calm the nerves of people for whom public speaking is a real phobia. And it is a legitimate phobia. 


Beyond the Boardroom: 7 outside the box ideas to help CEOs leverage video

A. table with a small laptop on it and a mic standing next to it

Video conferencing is an established staple in the corporate world. Like any staple, it can end up feeling… well, stale. So, I want to present some innovative ways for CEOs to leverage the power of video that go beyond the traditional boardroom setting. 

What follows is an overview of seven ideas and what each one has to offer your video marketing in the C-suite.


How the 3-dimensional version of YOU builds trust

A group of people sitting and standing around a computer screen, all watching something together

Like it or not, you’re living in a digital age dominated by screens, which underscores the power of visual communication. For leaders and content creators alike, being on camera is not just about delivering a message; it’s a powerful tool for building trust and establishing a genuine connection with your audience.

How does presenting yourself on camera engender trust from your audience? 

Check out these six advantages that a strong onscreen presence can afford your business and brand…