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Podcast Episode 23: Is It Too Late For You To Start On Video

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In this episode of The Kerry Barrett Show, Kerry tackles the question of whether it’s too late to get into the video game. She reassures listeners that there is still room for them, even if they’re just starting out. While it may seem like everyone is creating video content, Kerry explains that the majority of business owners and professionals are actually just digital lurkers, consuming content without creating their own. She encourages listeners to focus on their target audience and provide valuable content, as there is plenty of room for new ideas and personal brand growth. Kerry emphasizes that now is the time to get started and not give up.


Strategies for On-Camera Challenges

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I wanted to share some golden nuggets about effectively communicating on camera—whether you’re going live or recording for later. Here are three takeaways that I hope will resonate with you:


12 Tips to Tackle Your Nerves and Step into the Spotlight

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As someone who used to struggle with the fear of being on camera, I recognize that no amount of stats or facts about the importance of video marketing will ever matter if your nerves are running the show. 

So, in today’s blog post, I’m offering you some advice — 12 tips, actually — on how to overcome your discomfort with stepping into the spotlight so that you can reap the benefits of video marketing. 


Wardrobe Tips On Camera You Need to Know

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Are you looking to up your on-camera presence? In this episode, I dive into the dos and don’ts of wardrobe for on camera appearances. As a former news industry professional, I know firsthand the impact that wardrobe can have on your on-screen presence.


Podcast Episode 22: On-Camera Delivery and Media Training

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In this episode, Kerry Barrett discusses the importance of on-camera delivery and media training for both marketing and sales purposes. She emphasizes the significance of camera presence on social media platforms, as well as the use of long-form live videos in webinars, podcasts, and masterclasses. Kerry highlights the alarming statistic that 63% of people leave webinars, even if they’ve paid for them, due to the host being boring. She stresses the need for effective presentation skills on camera and mentions that logistical aspects such as lighting, audio, and setting up the shot can be easily fixed once you know how.


How to Create a Compelling Video Marketing Strategy

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So much of my job involves convincing my audience that video is invaluable to their growth and professional prosperity. Once convinced, I then have some heavy lifting to do with respect to my clients’ fear of being on camera or lack of confidence on screen. 

While I’m happy and motivated to manage both of these tasks, what I really feel energized about is teaching people how to create their video marketing strategy, once they’re fully on board with the value of video and their ability to leverage it. 


Episode 21: The Art of Self Redesign A Conversation with Kris Kendall

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Kris spent the first half of her life working in Silicon Valley for large and small companies, building marketing programs to grow them to billion-dollar enterprises. And then she realized she had dreams of her own. Now, she enables women over forty to identify and pursue their passions and interests to create the second half of their life that brings fulfillment and joy.

In this episode of The Kerry Barrett Show, host Kerry Barrett interviews Kris Kendall, the founder of Fulfilled After Forty. Kris helps women over 40 find their purpose and passion in life, guiding them toward their goals for the next chapter. Kris shares her journey of transitioning from a successful career in Silicon Valley to pursuing her new dreams and how she helps others do the same. Tune in to learn more about finding fulfillment after 40.


Episode 20: Building Trust Through Podcasting with Sheryl Plouffe

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Uncover the strategies, techniques, and authentic approaches to connect with your audience on a deeper level. Sheryl shares her experiences and expert insights, providing a roadmap for creating episodes that resonate and foster lasting relationships. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or just starting, this episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to elevate their trust-building game through the power of podcasting.


10 Proven Ways to Feel Confident – and Calm! – on Camera

10 Proven Ways to Feel Confident – and Calm! – on Camera

For many of you, just reading that title is enough to start your hands sweating and stomach churning. I’ve been there, which is why I know I can coach you to feel confident and calm on camera, which is crucial in today’s digital world where video communication is increasingly common. 

Before we start working together, let me take you through a few common, yet proven, strategies that will help you boost your confidence on camera.