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How to Create a Compelling Video Marketing Strategy

A young Black woman setting up a camera with a ring light, smiling slightly

So much of my job involves convincing my audience that video is invaluable to their growth and professional prosperity. Once convinced, I then have some heavy lifting to do with respect to my clients’ fear of being on camera or lack of confidence on screen. 

While I’m happy and motivated to manage both of these tasks, what I really feel energized about is teaching people how to create their video marketing strategy, once they’re fully on board with the value of video and their ability to leverage it. 


4 Facts about How Video Impacts Your ROI

4 Facts about How Video Impacts Your ROI, overlaid over a woman holding a clipboard with a graphic of a chart trending upward on it. She is pointing a pen at the upward trend graph.

As someone who has long understood and experienced, first-hand, how video impacts ROI, I realize that not everyone is aware of its potential. In fact, plenty of people are wary, or just downright doubtful that video can really make that much of a difference to their business.  

This topic comes up so often that I recently blogged about it and will continue to do so as part of my commitment to educate my audience on how video can be a game changer with respect to their bottom line and brand authority.

In case you missed it, check out my latest blog posts devoted to this subject, How Will I Know My Video Presence is Improving and Increasing My ROI? You might also want to take a look at The Value of Video to Boost Your Credibility. 

For now, bookmark those as homework — yes, you can consider it required reading. Until then, count this article as my latest vote for video and its potential to boost your ROI. 


How Being on Camera Tightens the Ties with Your Team

How Being on Camera Tightens the Ties with your Team

Even though you’re the one standing (or sitting) in the spotlight, spending quality time on camera can actually strengthen the connection between you and your whole team. While we can credit the pandemic with bringing us all together via Zoom, not many people were actually comfortable with the realities of videoconferencing. 

Comfortable or not, Pew Research tells us that 65% of employees who telework all or most of the time feel disconnected from their colleagues. Channeling the 1976 song by the band Boston, this 65% represents “more than a feeling;” in fact, it results in decreased employee retention rates, which has cost U.S. based companies more than $400 billion annually. 

That’s the bad news. 

The good news is you can tighten the ties with your team by establishing and committing to a stronger video presence during these still-critical video conferences. After all, the pandemic might be over, but the way we work has changed for good. Video calls aren’t going anywhere, so you might as well invest the time and effort in strengthening that particular skill set for the sake of your business and, by extension, your bottom line. 

Read on for more details that reveal the power of your on-screen presence… 


The Value of Video to Boost Your Credibility

Kerry Barrett pointing at a television screen and smiling. Word read: The Value of Video to Boost Your Credibility

In my last blog post, I tackled the question that I hear from clients a lot: How Will I Know My Video Presence is Improving and Increasing my ROI? 

This week, I’m diving deeper into one of the reasons why video is such a valuable tool, which is its ability to boost your credibility. 

Entrepreneur recently published 6 Reasons Why Elevating Your Video Presence Can Make You a Better Leader, and I love this line in particular, “Confidence makes people want to listen to your message — credibility makes them believe it.” 

So true

That’s why spending time on screen is an authentic way to establish your credibility and these are some proven reasons why it works… 


How does stepping into the spotlight on video increase your bottom line? 

11 Ways to increase ROI with video

Before we jump into how exactly videos can increase ROI and boost your bottom line, let me start by assuring you that video does make a difference when it comes to your business’ profitability. The trick is ensuring your broadcasting the right presence on screen. 

In order to show you how video is so valuable to your business, I’ve listed the major ways that video can make such a positive impact on your brand. 

As for the right presence, we’ll get to that!

Let’s take a look… 


Why does the right video presence boost your brand’s credibility?

10 Reasons why video ups your brand credibility factor.

Sure, you might be camera shy and prefer to do the behind-the-scenes work, rather than stand front and center on screen. However, sitting out the chance to step into the spotlight and elevate your voice on video is an obstacle worth overcoming. 


Simply put: your video presence establishes your brand’s credibility with an increasingly discerning audience. 

Let me take you through 10 reasons why you need to shake off the shyness and bring your brand to the big screen. 


On-Camera Tips for Introverts

A person seated on a multicolor chair with their hands over their face.

On-camera time can be extra tough for introverts, even those who don’t think of themselves as being afraid to be on camera. Talking to people on camera can feel very different from face-to-face, which can make it more draining and more stressful. To make things more difficult, work that requires on-camera time is often done by extroverts, so people who find being social less “natural” may already be working extra hard to maintain their social batteries. Here are three tips that will help anyone improve their on-camera performance, but are especially designed for introverts.